Wednesday, 24 October 2012

4 bucket puzzle....(amazon riddle)

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A company produces play ball of weights 0-25kg, 25-50kg, 50-75kg, 75-100kg. You need to put the balls in four different buckets daily depending on the number of ball company produces.BucketA (0-25kg), BucketB (25-50kg), BucketC (50-75kg) and BucketD(75-100kg).
A scale is provided on which you can weigh only 1 ball at a time which has a bulb. If the weight of the ball matches the scale category, the bulb will light up otherwise it will be OFF.

e.g. If scale is marked to measure 10-25 kg, then any ball between 10 to 25kg (inclusive 10 and 25) will switch on the bulb and say if you weigh 26 it wont switch on the bulb. The cost of scale is 1 million dollar.
Question: You need to find the minimum number you will use to do the job.Also what is weight category you will choose for the scales to do the job.

2 scale needed ..
1> 1-50
2> 25-75
if(1==on&&2==on) weight is 25-50
if(1==on&&2==of) weight is 1-25
if(1==of&&2==of) weight is 75-100
if(1==of&&2==on) weight is 50-75

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