Monday, 12 November 2012

Obtain 4 litre from 5 & 3 litre jar

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There are 2 jars 5 lit and 3 lit capacity
measure 4 lit using them

1)first fill 3L jar and empty it in 5L jar.
   again fill 3L and empty it in 5L jar.
   5L jar will be completely filled with 1L left in 3L jar.
   empty 5L jar and then empty 3L jar in 5L jar
   now refill 3L jar and empty it in 5L jar.
   now 5L jar will contain 4 L (3+1)

2)fill 5 ltr jar and pour it in 3 ltr, so 2 ltr remains in 5 ltr jar.
   Empty 3 ltr jar and pour 2 ltr from 5 ltr jar into it.
   Now fill 5 ltr jar again and use it to fill remaining 1 ltr in 3 ltr jar. that keeps 4 ltr in 5 ltr jar


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